Rogers House - Pocahontas, IL - (Passive Solar / Earth Berm Design)
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Architectural drawings:
Provided architectural design and construction drawings for a new home to be constructed in rural Pocahontas, IL.  The house is
designed using passive solar and earth berm features to provide an environmentally friendly home.  

The 1st floor is approximately 1,656 sf in area featuring a master bedroom/bath suite, office/extra bedroom, open-concept
kitchen/living/dining area, laundry/utility room and a reinforced concrete shelter/pantry.  The 2nd floor includes 1 bedroom, 1 bath
and storage area.  

The roof is set to a 10 in 12 pitch to provide an approximate 40 degree slope to the south, which should be optimal for fixed solar
panels to be added later if desired.  The north, north-east & north-west sides are earth bermed to increase thermal performance.  
A south facing window wall allows sunlight to absorb into and store in the concrete floor providing a thermal mass.
After photos:  Coming soon!