Historic Railroad Switch Tower - Restoration - South Oak and East Main Streets, Pana, IL 62557
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Architectural drawings:
Provided architectural design and construction drawings for the restoration of an old railroad switch tower in Pana, IL.

Here's a description from the City of Pana's website:
Pana was once the crossroads of four major railroads.  Pana's origin is attributed to the coming of the "Iron Monster" that invaded
the Illinois prairie in 1853.  The railroad Switch Tower is all that remains of the site where a double crossing of all four railroads
once crossed.  These rail lines brought both goods and passengers to the area as well as took millions of tons of coal from Pana.  
Very little evidence of the 5 mines that were in Pana exist today.  Of all the rail lines that once served the city, The Union Pacific is
the only mainline that remains.
Color renderings:
Before & Past photos:
After photos:  Coming soon!
Old Sanborn Map with tower location: