Thinking about building?
I, David Lipe, announce the birth of an architecture firm forged in
artistic spirit.  I believe in striving for personal expression
persists a professional commitment for you that yields
inevitable success.

Architecture is an art, like everything else.  I do it exceptionally
well.  I do it because it's thrilling.  The golden fields and blue
skies rouse my senses and I hear the corn breeze whisper.  I
am like you.

Alone, you and I cannot know tomorrow's construction.  But
together we can.

Call me today.


David Lipe
Lipe Architecture
603 School Street
Nokomis,  Illinois  62075

Phone:  217-563-7836
Contact Information
Email:  david@lipe-architecture.com
What I can do for you
  • Translate your wishes into plans for construction
  • Prepare drawings and specifications
  • Address building codes and regulations
  • Administer the construction contract
  • Save you time and money
  • Call today!
David Lipe - Bio
State of Illinois - Architect - Lic. No. 001.018457
State of Iowa - Architect - Reg. No. 06714
State of Missouri - Architect - Lic. No. A-2013000195
State of Indiana - Architect - Lic. No. AR11500014
State of Kentucky - Architect - Lic. No. 8064
National Council of Architectural Registration - NCARB Reg. No. 74706
V I S I O N S       A N D      S O L U T I O N S      F O R      T H E      B U I L T      E N V I R O N M E N T
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In the news...
February 19, 2008

Nokomis architect now offering service full-time

David Lipe of Lipe Architecture in Nokomis has been providing professional architectural service locally on a part-time basis since
2004.  Graduating with a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1998, David has
acquired a decades’ worth of experience working with larger architectural firms throughout Central Illinois, working on projects
ranging from small residential to large commercial and institutional buildings.

Now through his new home-based office at 603 School Street in Nokomis, David will continue to offer the same quality architectural
service to Nokomis and surrounding communities throughout Central Illinois full-time.  Whether you're looking to build a new home
or expand and remodel your existing one, or need professional assistance with your commercial project, David would be glad to
come meet with you and discuss your needs.

Lipe Architecture will be offering services for all building types including, but not limited to, new homes, additions and remodels,
offices, schools, hotels/resorts, historic rehabilitation, multi-family housing, etc.  David believes in striving for personal expression
persists a professional commitment for you that yields inevitable success.

If you would like to learn more about Lipe Architecture, you’re welcome to come by the office or call David at 217-563-7836 or visit his
website at www.lipe-architecture.com.
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University of Illinois - Champaign
School of Architecture
Masters of Architecture, Design - 1998
Bachelor of Science - Architectural Studies - 1996
Serving Central Illinois since 1998